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How to Buy an Investment Property with No Money Down

Whether you’re on the property ladder or not, there are many legitimate ways to fund investment real estate.

Top 5 Cities to Invest in New York

New York State offers a wealth of real estate investment opportunities—yet many people discount the area because they only consider the eye-watering prices in NYC.

What to Look for in Property Managers

Many people manage their own rental properties. However, depending on your circumstances this might not be the best use, financially, of your time.

Where’s the Cheapest Real Estate in the U.S.?

No matter where you purchase your property, if you’re looking to begin or increase your property portfolio, then you’ll likely need to partner with a great lender.

Where Should Your Credit Be If You’re Purchasing Your Third Home?

Borrowing for real estate investment purchases can be complex. While you can take out conventional Fannie Mae mortgages on up to 10 homes, this comes with strict regulations.

Where is 2024’s Best Real Estate Market?

With the new year fast approaching, savvy investors are already eyeing market conditions for potential purchases in 2024.

Will the Election Affect Investment Interest Rates?

2024 is ramping up to be an interesting year. With the election looming, how will this affect interest rates? This is something that any property investor or purchaser will be keen to understand.

What’s a Competitive APR for a 400K Home?

The average rate, according to Freddie Mac in August 2023, is an eye-watering 7.23% on a 30-year fixed-term rate.

What is Positive Cash Flow?

The nirvana of property investment is to create a situation where your efforts pay for themselves. You don’t need to dip into any other income source and, potentially, the money you earn provides the cash to purchase further real estate.

What is the After Repair Value in Real Estate Investing?

One of the most commonly asked questions for anyone beginning their real estate investment journey is about after repair value (ARV).