About us

Less about loans, more about people. At BRRRR Loans, we believe that building relationships and connections are essential to a successful portfolio.

The BRRRR Method

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. This is the strategy used by investors to build passive income over time, and it’s the framework around which BRRRR has evolved. Although the term “BRRRR loans” is relatively new, our team has years of experience with hard money loans.

The story behind Brrrr Loans

The Founding

When we started this company, we knew that we wanted to focus on education, building relationships, and helping investors toward financial freedom. So that is exactly what we did. When our founders joined forces, each brought unique and valuable skills and experience that would lay the foundation for our company.

The Spark

Before BRRRR Loans, there wasn’t a private, long-term financing option designed for securitization…there was only hard money or “fix & flip” loans. As a result, the only way a borrower could exit a hard money loan was to sell the property and pay off the loan or refinance with a bank. We knew that there had to be another way, and that is how the idea of BRRRR Loans was born.

The Future

We have the knowledge and resources to help fund your next real estate investment, and we will do it, standing by your side and helping you achieve your goals.

Our mantra


We are a feduciary

We assume a fiduciary mindset so that our clients know with certainty that they are receiving unbiased advice.This, complemented with our vision to enable financial freedom, is how we have and shall continue to build client relationships.


Clear Communication

We foster an environment that encourages and rewards question-oriented communication. No less importantly, we relay pertinent information too ur clients without hesitation or deliberation.


Getting Uncomfortable

We embrace uncertainty and leverage ambiguity in order to bring clarity during otherwise confusing circumstances. Pressure makes diamonds, and this team is a mine!


Celebrating Wins

We take pride in learning from our losses and celebrating each other’s wins. Together everyone achieves more!



We aim to practice a state of being without bound sin order to tap into our limitless potential.

Our office

New Jersey


105 FREEHOLD, NJ 0772
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